Computer Systems Research Group BSD Distribution
Computer Systems Research Group BSD Distribution
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This is a SCCS to fossil conversion of the original University of California, Berkeley Computer Systems Research Group BSD repository. Code within this repository has been either used as a basis for or used in the following operating systems:

Note this repository is available for historical purposes only.

Viewing source code via this web page

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Checking out this repository

This repository uses the Fossil SCM for source control. To check out this repository:

  1. fossil clone /path/to/SQLite/DB
  2. mkdir csrg
  3. cd csrg
  4. fossil open /path/to/SQLite/DB

See this Quickstart Guide for further details.


The following assumptions were made in the course of processing the original CSRG repository from SCCS to fossil

Timezone Information

As earlier versions of SCCS did not record timezone information, all timestamps contained in the original SCCS repository are assumed to be Greenwich Mean Time (UTC).

Bad SCCS Files

The following SCCS files, presumed to be corrupt, were ignored during the conversion:

Subversion properties

The conversion of the SCCS repository involved conversion to other repositories beforehand. The exact sequence of conversions is as follows:

This section details issues specific to conversion to Subversion.

Log Encodings

Originally, CSRG delta logs were encoded using ISO-8859-1 format. Since Subversion expects log entries to be UTF-8 encoded, all log entries were converted to UTF-8.

Log Line Endings

Certain SCCS log entries were made with non-standard line-endings. As subversion complains about non-UNIX (LF) in log entries, the following conversions were done:

This does not apply to actual file contents.


Original SCCS source tree courtesy Kirk McKusick. Please support the costs involved creating the CSRG archive CD-ROMs by purchasing your own set.

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