The "stash" command:

Usage: fossil stash SUBCOMMAND ARGS...

fossil stash
fossil stash save ?-m|--comment COMMENT? ?FILES...?
fossil stash snapshot ?-m|--comment COMMENT? ?FILES...?

Save the current changes in the working tree as a new stash. Then revert the changes back to the last check-in. If FILES are listed, then only stash and revert the named files. The "save" verb can be omitted if and only if there are no other arguments. The "snapshot" verb works the same as "save" but omits the revert, keeping the check-out unchanged.

fossil stash list|ls ?-v|--verbose? ?-W|--width NUM?

List all changes sets currently stashed. Show information about individual files in each changeset if -v or --verbose is used.

fossil stash show|cat ?STASHID? ?DIFF-OPTIONS?
fossil stash gshow|gcat ?STASHID? ?DIFF-OPTIONS?

Show the contents of a stash as a diff against its baseline. With gshow and gcat, gdiff-command is used instead of internal diff logic.

fossil stash pop
fossil stash apply ?STASHID?

Apply STASHID or the most recently created stash to the current working check-out. The "pop" command deletes that changeset from the stash after applying it but the "apply" command retains the changeset.

fossil stash goto ?STASHID?

Update to the baseline check-out for STASHID then apply the changes of STASHID. Keep STASHID so that it can be reused This command is undoable.

fossil stash drop|rm ?STASHID? ?-a|--all?

Forget everything about STASHID. Forget the whole stash if the -a|--all flag is used. Individual drops are undoable but -a|--all is not.

fossil stash diff ?STASHID? ?DIFF-OPTIONS?
fossil stash gdiff ?STASHID? ?DIFF-OPTIONS?

Show diffs of the current working directory and what that directory would be if STASHID were applied. With gdiff, gdiff-command is used instead of internal diff logic.