The "rebuild" command:

Usage: fossil rebuild ?REPOSITORY? ?OPTIONS?

Reconstruct the named repository database from the core records. Run this command after updating the fossil executable in a way that changes the database schema.


Run ANALYZE on the database after rebuilding
Compute clusters for unclustered artifacts
Strive to make the database as small as possible
Skip the rebuilding step. Do --compress only
Remove ANALYZE tables from the database
Force the rebuild to complete even if errors are seen
Only do the rebuild if it would change the schema version
Always add in the full-text search index
Skip the verification of changes to the BLOB table
Always omit the full-text search index
--pagesize N
Set the database pagesize to N. (512..65536 and power of 2)
Only show output if there are errors
Show artifact statistics after rebuilding
Run VACUUM on the database after rebuilding
Set Write-Ahead-Log journalling mode on the database