The "/fileedit" page:

Enables the online editing and committing of text files. Requires that the user have Write permissions and that a user with setup permissions has set the fileedit-glob setting to a list of glob patterns matching files which may be edited (e.g. "*.wiki,*.md"). Note that fileedit-glob, by design, is a local-only setting. It does not sync across repository clones, and must be explicitly set on any repositories where this page should be activated.

Optional query parameters:

Repo-relative path to the file.
Check-in version, using any unambiguous symbolic version name.

If passed a filename but no check-in then it will attempt to load that file from the most recent leaf check-in.

Once the page is loaded, files may be selected from any open leaf version. The only way to edit files from non-leaf checkins is to pass both the filename and check-in as URL parameters to the page. Users with the proper permissions will be presented with "Edit" links in various file-specific contexts for files which match the fileedit-glob, regardless of whether they refer to leaf versions or not.